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A Useful Development That Will Leave BrainGate Behind

For paralyzed people in the tech world, there has been a gold-worth development. There are many neurological diseases that make it difficult to meet daily needs and to communicate. Undoubtedly, most people expect technology from health and life facilitation. A large part of the scientific world is already working on such innovations. BrainGate was the most advanced technology made for patients with such difficulties, but now scientists from Brown University have wirelessly transmitted the transmission from the human brain to computers at the resolution of a single neuron. Cables are no longer needed to communicate or use their prosthesis.

First Trial Made

It allows people to communicate, command or use prostheses by sending commands to computers with only their thoughts, without the need to move any muscles. In the trial conducted in two sample patients for 24 hours, this transmission being wireless did not cause any problems or slowness at the moment.

Tried Users Made a Completely Positive Return

Two paralyzed individuals, aged 35 and 63, were selected to participate in the experiment. Scientists stated that the first attempt was almost flawless. In addition, this technology does not lag behind the wireless BrainGate technology and continues at the same speed and performance. Although this development is exciting in the field of science, such developments create much greater excitement and hope for patients and their relatives. Patients used in the experiment stated that this technology was invaluable.

John Simeral, an assistant professor of engineering at Brown University, said: “We have shown that this wireless system is functionally equivalent to the gold standard wired systems.

“The signals are appropriately recorded and transmitted with similar accuracy, which means we can use the same decoding algorithms we use with wired equipment.”

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