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8 App Ideas That You Will Find Useful

In today’s world, we are doing almost everything by using some apps and every day, we see a new app ideas which makes our lives easier. Everybody is seeking for new unique app ideas to make money. As Sigma Telecom, at the beginning of 2019, we’d love to share some app ideas that can make our lives easier. You are welcomed to get inspired by one of these ideas.

App Ideas

EManual App

Don’t you get bored by hiding the manual books of your devices for years in your drawers or searching them on internet? Maybe, you can create an app which contains e-manuals of devices. People can easily search and find the e-manual of the device. This app can be cloud based and regular users can easily contribute.

Home Party

Internet is a great platform for socializing and meeting new people. If you want to party with some strangers, you can’t find a better place to find some random people. With some rules, you can create an app for partying with people and rock social media with them! Don’t forget to invite us to the fun.

App Ideas For Discount Lovers – Leaflet

It is very hard to follow every sale of every store at the same time. So we think that someone who will follow all leaflets of all kind of stores and filter for us by our location or other preferences will be very helpful. Discount lovers will like this app %100.

Donation App

We have to do something good for the environment that we are living in and technology should serve for the best of our world. So an application that contains many charities and lets us donate with only just one click, can be useful. We have only one world and we must contribute to make it a better place for the next generations.

App Ideas for wanting to remind discounted price – Remind Me App

You all know that in shopping sites, there is an option which reminds us the discounted price. For example, we choose “remind me when it drops to 5 Dollars”. What if you develop an app which searches all shopping sites to look for the price that is in your mind? Determine your budget and let the app tells you when it decreases to the price you choose.

On Demand Farm

Healthy living is the new trend for all people around the world. So it will be a smart idea to make an app for the people who want to rent a certain part of a farm to cultivate. They can show whatever they want, track the evolution with 7/24 hour webcams. In the end, they will receive the product from their own organic farm.

Mr. No App

Let’s assume you are a person who can’t say “No” to somebody. No problem. We can do it for you! With one click, we can call you and find a good reason to say “no”. No counselors can give you a unique reason at a reasonable price. Or it can work with credits, you should decide on your revenue model.

Green Light App

Think about an app that shows all the traffic lights on your road and saying if it is red or green. You can adjust your speed and easily catch all the green lights. Some advantages of this app are fuel and time economy. But never ever forget you should always keep your eyes on the road when driving, so sound notifications can be integrated in the system to let the driver know its green or red.

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