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5G Network Technology - Everything Is About To Change

Nowadays, the 5G network technology is one of the most important topics in the agenda of telecom and mobile sector. We are talking about a technology which will change everything in the world and open a new era in the history of humanity.

5G Network Technology

What is the meaning of “G”?

From the beginning of mobile telecom industry we all hear or see that magical single letter “G”. 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and now the brand new one “5G”. The meaning of this G is simple; it refers to generation.

In the 1st generation, “1G” we started to talk with each other on mobile phones. In the 2nd generation, or shortly “2G”, text message feature came to our lives and it continues with 3G, the beginning of the broad data and internet. Now we are using 4G which is faster than 3G. So what is next? The answer is clear; “5G”. All right, but the only thing we can say about it is faster than faster? In theory the answer is yes but in real life it means much more than quickness.

What do we mean by “faster”?

We mean 20 Gbps per second. This is 250 times faster than 4G connection. 4G technology is providing speed around 10-20 Mbps per second. Now can you imagine the difference? In other words, it means downloading a 4K movie within 3 seconds… Isn’t it impressive? Yes, but the story doesn’t end here. 5G technology offers much more than this.

It’s all about latency rate in 5g network technology

Latency rate is the amount of time between receiving and sending data. 4G latency rate was around 300 millisecond and it’s really fast. Human reaction time is 200 ms. 5G offers a crazy latency rate; 1 Milisecond. It’s almost real-time. No lag between the commands and reaction. We can all see that 5G will be a real game changer.

The outcomes of 1 millisecond latency rate

The world of machines, AI, is about the start. 5G wireless technology is the main igniter of this revolution. With the development of AI and 5G we will be the witnesses of the new world order. What should we expect in the future with this very-fast connection? Here are some predictions for the near future;

  • Full autonomous drive which is travelling around 200 miles in hour without any human control. Minimum risk of accident which will reduce the losses in accidents.

  • Surgeries by robots, which are controlled by humans even though they are thousands of km away. Thanks to 1 ms latency rate, every move of the robots are made in real time. No human risk, it’s all done by some directions of a human being.

  • A completely virtual reality experience. Everything is very close to real life, in real time. Think about a perfect shopping experience without going anywhere. To go to a Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon even you are sitting on your couch. Isn’t it very exciting?

  • Machines, robots, drones etc. are going to take the responsibilities of humans in the military. There will be war of machines. Terminator is going to be real?

These are the most obvious ones, for now. What is next? What should we expect more? Tell your predictions in the comments and share your thoughts about the future. Is it thrilling or exciting for you?

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