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3 Key Parameters to Monitor For a Perfect VoIP Traffic  

Here are the first 3 values to check for having the perfect VoIP traffic.

3 Keys For VoIP Traffic

1.High ACD – Average Call Duration – Value

Average call duration (shortly ACD) defines the time of the conversations on thephone from start to end. In healthy traffics this value needs to be high. If the ACD level is low you need to check those things;

  • Check if it is FAS or not

  • Wrong CLI

  • Traffic Profile

  • Quality Problems

If you receive low ACD values, you should try these;

  • Check the providers’ previous rates

  • Check the traffic profile

  • Try changing the routes

  • If you find some unwanted results you should share this situation with the provider and the routing responsibles.

2.High ASR – Average Success Rate – Value

ASR stands for the average connection rate of the traffic. Average success rate changes according to the route quality and traffic profile. If the stats are lower than expected you could look for;

  • Traffic profile

    • Cheap ANI destination

    • Wholesale traffic

    • Call back traffic

    • Wrong numbers

    • Overflow traffic

  • Forbidden ANI/DNS

  • NCLI

  • Wrong disconnect code

3. High PDD – Post Dial Delay

VoIP professionals don’t want to see high PDD stats in the traffic because the high post dial delay will cause high ASR rates. People don’t like to wait too long before hearing the ringtone.

Ok, but why the PDD values of a traffic is high;

  • Destination reasons

  • Hop excess

  • Provider problems

  • NCLI

  • Loop

You need check all of these signs and decide for the right reason of the PDD.

Or you can get professional help from one of the biggest VoIP Providers

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