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2020 VoIP Events, Conferences Calendar

After a very busy year for the VoIP, telecom sector and us, we have an upcoming year. During 2019, we attended many conferences around the world, and now we will continue to travel the world in 2020 for new business partnerships and to further strengthen existing partnerships. Now we are proud to announce the Sigma Telecom 2020 VoIP events calendar for the first six months. There are many new projects that we will accomplish with our esteemed business partners next year.

GCCM London 2020 - 10th and 11th of February

We will say goodbye to a cold and long winter in 2020 from one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe. The first city of the Sigma Telecom VoIP Events Calendar is London.

We are sure that it will be a great chance to evaluate the last year's success and talk about future projects. As Sigma Telecom, we are looking forward to meeting you in London.

MWC Barcelona 2020 - 24th and 27th of February

We do not slow down before the end of February and continue to conferences and MWC Barcelona is going to be our second event in 2020. We look forward to MWC Barcelona, ​​one of the events we enjoy most every year.

We are looking forward to this year's topics and all developments of this organization, which is one of the most comprehensive activities on information technologies.

Capacity Dubai 2020 - 2nd and 5th of March

Capacity Dubai has always been one of the most productive events for us. Almost every year we participate in the organization we have developed thanks to the business partnerships we have made a difference.

We look forward to taking our place in the event in 2020 as in other years and to meet with our esteemed business partners and talk business.

GCCM Singapore 2020 - 9th and 11th of March

We continue our world VoIP conferences tour with the most fascinating place in the world, Singapore. We are going to welcome spring in GCCM Singapore on the 9th and 11th of March and we invite you to arrange your calendar for meeting us in the event.

GCCM Berlin 2020 - 12th and 13th of May

It's time to return to Europe, our event tour will continue with GCCM Berlin on 12th February. We hope to meet all VoIP people in Germany to make new business and growth the business. Get in contact with us if you will be there in Berlin.

ITW Atlanta 2020 - 14th and 17th of June

ITW undoubtedly the most fun and memorable moment of the year for us. Our whole team is preparing for this wonderful event for a long time, we arrange our meetings and we expect the event to take place. We are never mistaken in the coming year will be waiting for us a very successful organization in the sector.

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