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What an Amazing Year We've Had! - 2018 Sigma Telecom Facts

2018 Sigma Telecom Facts are full of successful stories and enjoyable times. We are already over and 2019 is a whole new year. We all have new hopes, targets, there are new goals to achieve, more success stories ahead, there may be some challenges in our ways but we all believe we will do our best. Let’s have a quick look at last year’s achievements.

2018 Sigma Telecom Facts

We Reached More Than 10.000 Minutes Of VoIP Traffic Per Minute

In 2018, we carried more than 10.000 minutes of VoIP traffic, per minute. We have done business with more than 500 companies worldwide. In other words, we connected people. We are happy to announce that last year, we played a bigger role in connecting them with their loved ones, letting them making business relationships and many others.

We Traveled 52.378 km, The World Was Not Enough For Targets of 2018 Sigma Telecom

Sigma has strong roots in the VoIP sector and we traveled 52.378 km around the world; attended 10 global conferences; met with hundreds of customers, service providers, sector professionals; set up new businesses with more than 100 companies, carried millions of minutes VoIP calls. Yes we can, yes we did, yes we will.

We Made a TV Commercial for *400#, The First And Only USSD Service Of Turkey

We shot 4 different advertising films for one of the Sigma Telecom products, *400#, which is available for Turkey’s leading operator Turkcell, for top-up and package services, for end users. It is the only USSD based solution for Telecom sector in Turkey. Our TV commercials will be aired in the first quarter of 2019. Stay tuned!

*400# is available only for Turkcell for right now, but in the future, other operators will be joined to our system.

We Made it! We Are In The Sector Member List Of International Telecom Union (ITU), As One Of The Biggest Operators Of Turkey

In 2018, we were recognized by the United Nation’s official communication technologies agency, International Telecommunacations Union (ITU). We took place on the list as one of the biggest mobile operators. Which other operators are on this list? Turkcell, Turk Telekom and Vodafone. We believe this success belongs to all Sigma family and their dedication to what we do. We are proud, thank you!

Most Important Development; We Had Much More Fun In 2018!

We played games, we danced, we ate, we traveled, we have been together, we sang, we celebrated, we liked, we enjoyed, we were delighted, we were amused, we laughed, we cried, we wondered, we searched, we came together, we became a big family! A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of our family and we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring us. We know when we believe in ourselves, we can make anything happen. Let’s keep up the great work!

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