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VoIP Industry Facts by Numbers - 2019

Throughout 2019, VoIP Industry continued to grow rapidly and added even more value to the business and social life. For personal or corporate reasons and advantages, many people around the world prefer VoIP technologies over traditional telephone methods. VoIP offers many advantages to its users with reduced costs, multimedia options, easy installation, and operation. All figures obtained in 2019 support the importance of the VoIP sector. After this brief introduction to the subject, we would like to go deeper with a few striking figures and show what people and organizations who do not benefit from VoIP technology are actually missing. Here are the VoIP industry facts by numbers.

90 seconds average talking time on phone

This is the Average Call Duration (ACD) time which means the average talking time before hanging up the phone. The higher ACD values ​​in VoIP traffic means a healthier traffic. For detailed ACD information, you can click here to learn more.

People wait 36 seconds before hanging up the phone

Post Dial Duration, in other words, PDD has to be low in VoIP traffic. People tend to wait around 36 seconds before connecting to the person that is called. The higher PDD rates can show that there is something wrong about your route or traffic. You should determine the problem and take action to prevent losing traffic.

65% of people choose VoIP for conferance call

65% of people choose VoIP for their small businesses because of the easy, effective and cheap conference call feature. As a result of the decentralization era, people seek cheaper ways to communicate with each other. So VoIP is the best with its multimedia solutions. Conference calls, video calls, high quality, and cheap rates are some of the benefits of VoIP.

204.8 billion VoIP subscribers

This is the expected corporate VoIP subscriber number in 2020 according to Future Market Insights. VoIP business still grows and it looks like the market will be much bigger than 2019.

$14 billion and $194.5 VoIP revenue

The total revenue of the USA VoIP industry reached $14 billion in 2019 and projected revenue for the global VoIP industry is $194.5 at the end of 2024.

47% of the companies use SMS

47% of the companies implemented SMS system above VoIP technology.

Companies save 90% on international calls

VoIP lets you save around 90% for international calls compared to TDM. This a huge saving that helps companies to reduce their costs.

75% operational saves

The operational cost saving is 75% cheaper than traditional phone systems.

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