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The Connectivity Index; Internet Connection Experience of The World

Carphone Warehouse made a research about the connectivity map of the world, to define which country is the most connected and has the best internet connection according to some metrics and called it “The Connectivity Index”.

There are so many metrics to consider for that index such as mobile connection speed, broadband access besides social and political reasons.

All of those metrics come to an end and the outcome was showed that 34 countries in the world are the most connected ones.

The Connectivity Index that was made by Carphone Warehouse has some factors to affect the outcome. Here are the factors of the research;

Access to information;

Access to the information means how you easy access to the internet connection and the speed of the connection. Also, access to electricity at home is another factor for access to information.

Global Connectivity

This is about the connection between the countries. The power of the password, the number of immigrants, the share of GDP per capita are the factors of global connectivity.

Social Connectivity

Access to basic education, ethnic diversity within the country, social media usage, marriage rates are the topics of social connectivity.

Ease of Movement

It reflects the number of air passengers, tourists, railroad and road quality.

The results of the Connectivity Index

The USA is the most connected country in the world according to the Connectivity Index. This is not a surprising result, the USA is the first country for the number of air passengers and internet hosts but the country has a relatively slow average mobile internet speed.

Switzerland is the second in the list and also, the only country from Europe in the top 5. It has the highest number for 5G deployments and the best rail and road infrastructures. The number of air passengers and internet hosts decreases the scores a little bit.

When we look at social media usage than we will see UAE in the first rank and also a high number of immigrants. But internet hosts are low.

Top 5 countries for 5G deployments according to the Connectivity Index;

  • Switzerland

  • South Korea

  • USA

  • UAE

  • China

Internet Hosts;

  • USA

  • Italy

  • Brazil

  • Germany

  • Spain

Mobile speeds:

  • South Korea

  • Norway

  • Australia

  • Netherlands

  • Qatar

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