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CDR Monitoring (Call Detail Record) Screen Details

When you are monitoring a VoIP traffic, CDR (Call Detail Record) screen is one of your best friends, helping you by showing what’s going on! You can track the rates and changes and make inferences about the traffic and routes.

Today we are going to mention this screen in detail and try to tell the benefits of the CDR. Let’s start, today is the day for meeting your helpful friend.

What is CDR?

CDR stands for Call Detail Record and helps us to see everything about incoming calls. The number of the caller and called ones, time of the call, errors, if it is a successful call; call duration, the side that ends the call… All these pieces of information and more is visible on CDR screen. In other words, CDR screen is an ID card of a call that has every bit of information.

Terms Of Call Detail Record

CDR Date: It shows the CDR time

Call State: The latest status of the call if it is accepted or not

Call Duration: The talking time of a call. Only successful calls have Call Duration

Disconnect Code: The error that we received in a call

Disconnect Inilator: It shows the side that closes the call. SRC means source and DST is the called side (destination)

SRC Number for Routing: The number that makes the call – CLI

DST Number for Routing: The number that receives the call – CLD

DST Area: The calling destination

Customer: The company that sends the traffic

Vendor: The company that we send the traffic

Customer GW IP: It shows the IP of the company that sends the traffic

Vendor GW: It shows the endpoint of the company that we send

Setup Time: It shows the first time of invite for a call

Connect Time: If call connects, it shows the time

Disconnect Time: The time that calls end or rejected

The things that we can monitor from CDR screen

Call Detail Record screen is important because most of the time we determine the SIP Codes from here and take action immediately.

An example for the CDR screen usage for determining SIP-503 Service Unavailable

Sip 503 means no service at that time. You can understand this code from ASR rates. If it starts to decrease dramatically then we can get this code. Cut before everything we need to analyze the CDR of the traffic. We need to examine the % rate of the 503 code on CDR and compare it with the past.

Do you want to learn more?

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