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At Sigma, we have a fully dedicated, self-motivated, multi-national team. Hailing from all around the world; bringing new cultures and points of view to our company. This diversity allows us to see things from a wider perspective.


We gain from the combination of our unique diversity and education which leads to our irresistible passion for innovation. We love to use advanced approaches and focus on a variety of aspects to create modern and exciting projects.


Experience superior voice and SMS services, delivered by our team of seasoned experts dedicated to ensuring exceptional quality and reliability tailored to meet your communication needs.


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Sigma Telecom customer support team providing 24/7 assistance

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At Sigma Telecom, we offer cutting-edge VOIP technology through our wholesale carrier model. Our global partnerships ensure competitive routes and the best interconnection terms available. Our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of telecommunications technology sets us apart, providing top-tier international voice services.


Sigma Telecom partnerships fostering growth and collaboration
Sigma Telecom's state-of-the-art data center ensuring data security and efficiency
Telecom tower representing Sigma Telecom's robust network coverage
Sigma Telecom customer support team providing 24/7 assistance.
Telecom tower representing Sigma Telecom's robust network coverage



Telecom tower representing Sigma Telecom's robust network coverage

Sigma Telecom’s SMS service, built on a wholesale carrier model, provides a robust, global communication channel for effective two-way interactions. Leveraging SMS's unique characteristics—immediacy, reliability, and ubiquity—our service supports seamless, anytime, anywhere communication. As part of a multichannel strategy, our SMS solutions ensure extensive coverage, competitive pricing, and scalability, making Sigma Telecom a trusted partner in the telecommunications industry.



At Sigma Telecom, we are committed to delivering premium voice, SMS, and wholesale carrier services through our dedicated team of specialists. Our focus on voice and SMS ensures high-quality, tailored telecommunications solutions for our global clientele. Whether you need robust voice services, efficient SMS solutions, or comprehensive wholesale carrier services, Sigma Telecom provides exceptional performance and reliability to meet your communication needs worldwide.

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Sigma Telecom has been at the forefront of telecommunication services since 2003, specializing in advanced infrastructure development, optimization, and drive testing. Our foundation is built upon a robust commitment to technological advancement, setting the stage for excellence in connectivity and network performance.


Sigma Telecom's expertise and dedication have fostered connections with over 800 companies worldwide, facilitating over 150 million minutes of voice traffic monthly. and transmission of over 300 million SMS messages monthly As one of Turkey's paramount mobile operators and an esteemed member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), our achievements reflect our commitment to excellence and the trust placed in us by the industry.

Sigma Telecom's advanced network infrastructure for reliable communication services."


Our commitment at Sigma Telecom lies in leveraging advanced technology, expert knowledge, and a global network to deliver superior voice and SMS services. By focusing on innovation and customer-centric solutions, we ensure high-quality, reliable telecommunications that meet the diverse needs of our international clientele.

Comprehensive service portfolio offered by Sigma Telecom
Sigma Telecom's tailored business solutions for various industries

Sigma Telecom's SMS Panel empowers you to enhance communication with personalized bulk messaging services. Elevate your brand presence by reaching out to your audience anywhere, at any time. With extensive experience and a robust wholesale carrier infrastructure, Sigma ensures your messages are delivered efficiently, supporting over 600,000 SMS deliveries in an hour to 190+ countries, making it an ideal partner for expanding your brand's reach.


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