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The VoIP Expert | CommsMEA Interview

After establishing itself in the VoIP market, Sigma has made a foray into data and SMS market by developing useful applications, says Mahdi Noorani, CEO of Sigma Telecom.

CommsMEA: What are the focus areas served by Sigma?

When founded, Sigma supplied telecommunication infrastructure services including; optimisation, planning and drive testing. In 2012 Sigma began providing high-quality VoIP services to telco operators, suppliers and vendors worldwide. More recently Sigma has begun development on a number of software projects and solutions including HR and finance management, CRM, VoIP and big data solutions, mobile applications and USSD programs.

CommsMEA: Could you give an idea of the company’s presence and expansion plans in the Middle East?

Sigma Telecom considers the Middle East to be one of its top destinations and biggest markets for VoIP traffic. Currently, we have direct interconnections with Viva in Bahrain, Turkcell Superonline and Turk Telekom in Turkey. We are also interconnected with countless other service providers in the Middle East and are expanding our reach across the region with every passing day. Sigma is also connected with other tier 1s such as TATA, BICS, Ibasis and IDT. CommsMEA: Are there major projects that you are currently working on or planning to in the coming months?

One of the major projects Sigma has recently released in Turkey is a USSD program called “*400#” aimed at helping people without smartphones and high-speed internet connections to pay bills, top up their call credit and purchase internet packages, the best part is they can access all these services without the need for an internet connection. Another venture that is almost near completion is our first mobile application “Pone” which will be available on both Android and iOS devices. Pone allows users to call and message each other for free while also having the ability to call international GSM numbers through the app at a fraction of a normal operator’s cost.

CommsMEA: What are the special value-added services you offer?

Sigma is in the process of developing a number of value-added services under its software arm. Currently in development are programmes for HR, finance management, CRM, VoIP and big data solutions, alongside the previously mentioned mobile apps and USSD programs.

CommsMEA: On the present date, which is the best product/solution in your portfolio?

Currently, the best product is our VoIP service. The reason for this is a combination of factors: our dedicated and expert team, long years of experience in the telco sector, our drive to provide our customers with the best service, whether the subject is improving network quality or reach. Sigma Telecom grows with a commitment toward innovation to provide its customers the benefits of best quality phone calls, lowest costs and flexible services.

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