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SIP-487 Request Terminated - Sip Error Codes

Welcome to the VoIP class and today’s topic is the Sip-487 error code. We’ll learn the reasons for getting this error code and the ways for fixing the issue. Take your seat, we are starting!

What is the meaning of the SIP-487 Code?

If the caller (A side) closes the phone before connection, you’ll receive the VoIP sip code SIP-487.

The reasons for receiving the Sip-487 Code?

Sip 487 code is not an unwanted error code. Because there is no possibility for a 100% successful traffic (Except FAS, Bank numbers, IVR). Although all kinds of traffics should get this error code to a certain percentage. If this code occurs too much, it will cause to lose calls and this is an undesired situation. Because it’s impossible to connect that call again.

High PDD

The main reason for the high Sip-487 code is high PDD. Because people tend to close the phone if it takes too much to hear the dial tone. People don’t like dial tone delay. The traffics which has high PDD delay numbers then also Sip-487 Request Terminated code is high.


Another reason for the high 487 code is IVR. People are closing the phone when they hear a recorded voice and they give up calling.

Traffic Profile

Wholesale or retail, some traffic profiles have SIP-487 error codes around 80%-90%. The main reason for this is missing calls. People are calling from the expensive destinations are closing the phone before connection and then the cheaper destination is calling back to expensive ones. So 487 codes for this kind of traffic could be high.

The consequences of high SIP-487

The most crucial effect of the high Sip 487 code is high ASR and automatically this will cause loss of traffic.

How can we determine this code on monitoring?

First, you need the monitor of that traffic’s 487. A comparison between the past and now can give an idea. PDD and Sip 487 always have a direct proportion. If the PDD values are increasing then 487 is increasing as well.

If the natural 487 percentage of traffic is around 30-40% and it is rising to 60% or more, we can say that we have trouble here and we need to take action.

SIP 487 is a natural and wanted error code for healthy traffic but high Sip 487 is much more dangerous than Sip 503.

What can we do about it?

  • Control the PDD

  • If the PDD rates are above the normal for that destination than you can say that the 487 code is coming from high PDD

  • You need to determine the reason for high PDD

  • If there is no problem with PDD then you need to test the route

  • If the route is ok then you need to look for a traffic profile

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