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VoIP Guide Part 2 - The Affect of Traffic Profile to ASR

Here is the second part of the Sigma VoIP Guide. Today’s topic is about one of the basic terms of VoIP business, ASR, in other words; Average Success Rate and the effects of Traffic Profile to ASR. Before starting part 2, you can read the first part “ACD – Average Call Duration” by clicking here. Let’s start!

What is the meaning of ASR – Avarage Success Rate?

Average Success Rate, ASR, is the average connection rate of traffic. It depends on the profile and route quality.

The Main Affects of Traffic Profile to ASR

To detect the natural ASR rates of traffic; we have to send the traffic to the direct route. After then we can learn the traffic values of that traffic. These are the traffic type that Average Success Rate is low;

  • Junk Traffic Profile

  • Cheap ANI Destination

  • Wholesale Traffic

  • Call Back Traffic

  • Wrong Numbers

  • Overflow Traffic

1. Junk Traffic Profile Affect

Coming from an existing ANI Destination or going to a specific B number with %1-2 success rates are called as Junk Traffic. If we even direct this traffic to a direct route; we have to know that values won’t change. Junk Traffic is an unwanted situation. Customers need to be informed.

2. Cheap ANI Destination

In some traffics A number (caller) is coming from cheaper countries. They have an intention to call the B side and turn the phone down. B side sees the missed call and calls back. For Example; People from India, Pakistan etc. turn off when they are calling expensive destinations. Naturally, ASR rates of this traffic are low.

3. Wholesale Traffic

Wholesale traffic can occur from some retail, call center, and Cheap ANI Destination traffic so this can decrease the ASR value. Because of this reason we should find the ASR and ACD value of the traffic according to ANI. In the end, we define the ANI and ANI Destinations which are decreasing the ASR and ACD level, inform the customer who sends the traffic or we should block the number on our side.

4. Call Back Traffic

Call Back Traffic is like Cheap ANI Destination. Also in this traffic profile ACD value is low because the person who calls from an expensive location says; “Call me back” and turns off the phone so it decreases the ACD level.

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