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Basic VoIP Terms For The Beginners

Are you interested in VoIP terms in business but you don’t know much about it? We prepared some terms that you will hear every day when you start doing VoIP. Don’t forget that these VoIP terms are only the tip of the iceberg. There are more and more things to learn when you get deeper into the business. Let’s start!

VoIP Terms

VoIP: VoIP, voice over internet protocol, means transforming the analog voice signals into the digital data and sending those data to long distances with low cost + high quality.

ACD – Average Call Duration: The average talking time of a traffic. For example let’s say we have 1000 successful calls and people talked 3000 min. After doing the basic math, our ACD is 3000/1000=3.

ASR – Average Success Rate: This is the average connecting rate of a traffic. It can be changed by the profile of the traffic and the quality of the route.

PDD – Post Dial Delay: This is the silent waiting time before hearing the dial tone. In VoIP, high PDD is not good, because people don’t want to wait too much on the phone.

SIP Codes: You will receive many SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) codes, which will define the success or fail rates of the calls.

Route: All the VoIP traffic goes by the routes that you buy. The quality of the routes effect the success rate of the traffic.

Traffic Profile: All VoIP traffics have some specific traffic profiles. ACD, PDD and ASR rates show similar rates in every profile.

FAS – False Answer Supervisor: It means that call is ending without a real connection but caller listen some recorded voices supposing that the person opened the phone. FAS is a kind of fraud in VoIP.

Codec: You need to zip the voice signals to transfer them and those zips are created by some codecs.

CLI – Caller Line Identification: The phone number that is making the call.

CLI Quality: If the number on the phone screen of the called person is the same with calling person then it is named CLI Quality Route.

NCLI Quality: If the number on the phone screen of the called person cannot be seen or not the same with the calling persons, then it is named NCLI Quality Route.

Retail Traffic: It means the traffic is coming from one operator. It is clean traffic.

Wholesale Traffic: It means the traffic is coming from retail, call center etc.

Rate: The transfer fees of the customers for specific destinations.

Sell Rate: The prices that are sent to the customers.

Buy Rate: The prices that are sent by the customers to your company.

Profit: (Sell Rate X Minutes) – (Buy Rate X Minutes)

Do you need detailed information about VoIP?

Feel free to reach us, we are happy to help you. Sigma Telecom is a member of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and we have a team of VoIP experts with a huge knowledge and capability in the telecom sector. You can learn more about us by watching our video or reaching us at

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