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VoIP Guide Part 1 - ACD In VoIP - Average Call Duration

Welcome to the master class of VoIP business and today we will explain ACD in VoIP

From now on, we will give some information about VoIP and prepare a great source for this industry. In this sector, everyday, we are facing some problems, experience some cases which are feeding our expertise within the day we started to do VoIP business. Now, we want to share our knowledge with the ones who want to know more about this business. We are starting the 1st Part of the guide, let’s go!

What is the meaning of ACD in VoIP ?

When you start a VoIP business, most of the time, it’s possible that you are going to hear an abbreviation called ACD which means “Average Call Duration”.

ACD means average talking time of traffic.

For example, we have 1.000 calls and a total of 3.000 minutes talk time then ACD will be 3.000/1.000=3 min.

When monitoring traffic, ACD has to be high or low?

High ACD value refers to a no problem call and traffic. On the other hand low ACD numbers are referring to some problems. Now let’s check low ACD reasons.

What are the possible reasons for low Average Call Duration?

If you see low numbers for ACD in your monitoring tools, you should check these four things to determine the problem and fix them.

The reasons for low ACD;

  • FAS

  • Wrong CLI

  • Traffic Profile

  • Quality Problem

What makes us think low ACD is because of FAS?

Because in FAS situations, the caller side tends to finish the call when he/she heard voice recordings immediately. So if there is no real connection, the average call duration will be low.

What is the meaning of Wrong CLI?

Some NCLI routes don’t work properly and it causes a package lost and problems about transmitting the voice so naturally in these calls, ACD will be low.

Why does the Traffic Profile cause low ACD?

Some countries have a costly rate so the caller side only says “Call me” and hang up the phone. Then the cheaper side calls back. Automatically, in these kind of traffics, ACD will be low.

What do you mean by saying “quality”?

Some routes have bad voice qualities although they are CLI routes.

What do you want to learn about VoIP, write us!

We can help you to learn a topic that you are wondering about VoIP business. All you need to do is to reach us from anywhere like our social platforms, website etc. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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